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"The CNO position is one of the most important in our organization. We had to have a great search process that resulted in hiring an excellent new nursing leader. We chose Gallagher MSA Search to support this search for a number of reasons, including our confidence in the consultant's ability to understand our needs and help us design the new position, the knowledge that they have the relationships and resources to reach a broad network of strong nursing executives, and their ability to accurately represent our organization and what we were looking for in the next nurse executive to potential candidates."

Glenn Fosdick
President & CEO
The Nebraska Medical Center

"Gallagher MSA Search assisted us in our search for a new CEO. I personally had had no experience with this firm before, but I had had a good deal of experience with various other search firms. The firm easily won the job, but it was the performance during the search that impressed me the most."

"A very diligent job was done in all aspects of the search. Our Search Committee was kept abreast of progress throughout the process, and we were presented with excellent candidates at the end. There was an interesting mix of candidates from across the country, as well as a strong local candidate. I remember thinking we would have been satisfied with any one of the finalists. While that is still probably the case, the person selected has been superb as we wrestle with all the changes that have come to healthcare over the past year. I could not give this firm a higher recommendation."

Charles C. Fenwick, Jr.
Board Chairman
Greater Baltimore Medical Center

"I have been Board Chair of our hospital for the past 15 years. We have used Gallagher MSA Search twice during this time to search for a new CEO. We have been very pleased with the process, and found an excellent candidate each time. We couldn't be more pleased. Gallagher MSA Search did an excellent job."

Dave Gabrielson
Board Chairman
Meeker Memorial Hospital

"Gallagher MSA Search led the way to a very successful CEO search for us. Our consultant was very accommodating for our Board of Directors, meeting with them as an entire Board, and answering questions for the Chair of our Search Committee, even while he was on vacation! Gallagher MSA Search brought very qualified individuals forward, proving that they had a true understanding of the talent our organization was seeking in the individual we would soon be hiring. Thanks to the entire staff at Gallagher MSA Search, we had a pleasant experience during a difficult time."

Diane Rothstein
Search Committee Chairperson
Paynesville Area Health System

"When presented with the task of selecting a new CEO for our organization, it seemed overwhelming. Those of us on the Search Committee knew this would be the most important decision we would make during our terms as Board members. From the first meeting with our Gallagher MSA Search consultant, he made the job manageable. He listened to what we were saying, and brought us qualified candidates who possessed the attributes we were looking for."

"Through Gallagher MSA Search's extensive network, we were presented with several qualified candidates, as opposed to just resumes from individuals who had answered a broadcast email. Throughout the process, Gallagher MSA Search was honest with us, and told us what we needed to hear—not necessarily what we wanted to hear. Gallagher MSA Search made us all feel that filling this position was a top priority. Responses were timely and accurate, assessments of candidates were spot on, and professionalism from the entire Gallagher MSA Search staff was admirable. Our new CEO has been on they job for some time now, and is living up to what he and Gallagher MSA Search told us he could do. Hiring Gallagher MSA Search was the best decision we made, and we would absolutely work with them again."

Anne Hall
Board Chairperson
Columbus Community Hospital

"Gallagher MSA Search guided us through every step of the process, and did so professionally, and perhaps more importantly, by demonstrating their conscientious and personal investment in what they knew was a major decision that would have a major impact in and on our community. Gallagher MSA Search painstakingly and thoroughly gathered and investigated information to educate themselves about our history, current status, strategic planning, community environment, and goals. They were onsite whenever they or we thought it was necessary, and were always available by phone or email any time any of us had a question."

"Gallagher MSA Search worked with us to develop and lay out our selection steps with precision based upon our time tables, and held themselves and us to those schedules. Our selection process was not without robust debates, some of which were the result of Gallagher MSA Search providing us with several very qualified candidates, any one of whom would have been an excellent choice."

"As Chairperson of both the Board of Trustees and the CEO Selection Committee, I was in frequent contact with Gallagher MSA Search to draw upon their experience, expertise, and advice. We had many discussions about particular circumstances that were outside a typical search. They always listened, asked good questions, and weighed options with me. The consultant would then make recommendations to the Committee and Board that were flexible, and which adapted to fit the circumstances without sacrificing the integrity of our mission, which ultimately resulted in the successful hiring of an outstanding CEO."

John Lundblad
Board/Search Committee Chairman
Northfield Hospital & Clinics

"In all dealings with Gallagher MSA Search, we found the staff to be consistently professional, experienced, responsive, and knowledgeable about the executive search process. As a result of their efforts, we identified a number of prospects, and ultimately screened to one who was our overwhelming favorite."

"I must thank Gallagher MSA Search for their invaluable assistance in such an often challenging recruitment process. The consultant impressed our Search Committee from his first visit, and was selected from several competing search firms. We selected a candidate who we are confident will serve our organization and community well in the coming years. I can recommend Gallagher MSA Search without hesitation to other hospitals looking for similar assistance."

Thomas Umphrey
Senior Vice President Human Resources
The Aroostook Medical Center

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