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How We Handle the "Declines"

By Denise RiebeRecruiterMSA Search

As a recruiter, it's always exciting to interact with candidates in the initial stages of a search, which includes sourcing, reviewing resumes, and conducting interviews. Then we get the privilege of introducing the best of the best recruits to our clients from setting up client interviews, to conducting reference calls, to setting up assessments with those candidates the client agreed to meet with. Oh what fun for everyone involved...but, what about those candidates that didn't make the cut? At what point do you let them know they weren't chosen for the next step, and how do you do it? 

At MSA Search, we have a commitment to our candidates to keep them informed, even when it's bad news. We never want to just send them the canned email saying, "Sorry, it didn't work out," or be remembered as the "slow-no" search firm. You never know when that candidate might be a client of yours or when you may need them for another position. All candidates would much rather receive a personal brief note or have a conversation to be notified of the news as soon as possible. It might be a bit awkward for us, but we owe it to all candidates. It's necessary to give them substantial feedback while keeping in mind we need to respect our client's confidentiality. Most candidates will appreciate the personal contact and won't push back. They just want to know so their next endeavor will be successful. 

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