Leading Healthcare with Healthcare Leaders
Leading Healthcare with Healthcare Leaders


Gallagher MSA Search is the Leader for Healthcare Leadership

Gallagher MSA Search, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., offers the most thorough executive selection process in the industry. We spend significant time with each individual candidate to assess their strengths and weaknesses, before ever presenting them to you for an interview.

Our customized search strategies and thorough approach means you will not spend your valuable time with candidates unless we're convinced that they can meet your needs. You speak only to the top, most qualified and interested people for your position.

At Gallagher MSA Search, our process includes:

  • In-depth analysis of your organization's mission, operations, marketplace, culture and future plans
  • Clarification of a position profile and success criteria
  • Market-sensitive compensation research
  • Research and sourcing through our extensive network of healthcare executives
  • The most comprehensive interviewing, executive assessment and overall candidate evaluations in the industry
  • Thorough background and reference checking
  • Candidate presentation that includes a full written profile, assessment results and background and reference documentation
  • Interviewing guidelines and strategies to assist you in your selection process
  • Assistance developing and negotiating the employment offer

Before we recruit a single candidate:

  1. We spend time meeting with organizational leaders and stakeholders to analyze the organization's goals and executive needs.
  2. We personally visit the area to effectively communicate the benefits of relocating to your community.
  3. We spend the personal time it takes to meet and assess each candidate individually—before you ever meet them.

Because at Gallagher MSA Search, we believe it's the people—not the process—that make the real difference.

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