Leading Healthcare with Healthcare Leaders
Leading Healthcare with Healthcare Leaders


Executive Placement Services to Exceed Expectations

While it's easy to view healthcare leadership searches—CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CNO, and a variety of others, including critical director-level—as something that could be conducted in-house and on-line, they can quickly spiral out of control, becoming time-consuming, costly, and often ineffective.

Instead, trust Gallagher MSA Search's proven search strategies and a step-by-step approach, crafted through hundreds of successful candidate placements. It means you only spend your valuable time with candidates who have made an impression on us, so they can make a difference for you.

That means the people we place through our healthcare-specific process enjoy their job more and stay with the organization longer. And because every executive makes a major impact on the organization and the community, everything we do goes toward reducing the margin of error inherent in the selection and hiring process.

With Gallagher MSA Search, you'll enjoy leadership search from an industry leader.

  • Healthcare-focused talent and experience
  • Every search is completed with original research
  • Gallagher MSA Search consultants are focused on all aspects of your search from beginning to end
  • Senior consultants conduct all candidate interviews themselves, gaining first-hand experience
  • Search services with a personal touch, professional interactions, and unparalleled attention to detail

Why do so many Gallagher MSA Search clients return?

  • Highest level of service in the industry
  • Strong relationship and personal connection with consultant
  • A comprehensive range of leadership placement solutions
  • Search services for C-suite executives, director-level, and more
  • In-depth analysis of operations, marketplace, culture, and plans
  • Extensive, proprietary network of healthcare executives and directors
  • 100% first-slate success rate for healthcare CEO placement
  • Exclusive SearchDIRECT™ director-level placement resource

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